(Italics mine.) (74) See Owen, Kaballah, 143-145. 2. 1 , Oct. 1975),15. 2. He “tied up several quarts of it [in his ‘frock’] and then went home.” His family was eager to know what he had. . (34) The Magus, by Francis Barrett. Many argue that Joseph Smith was uneducated, a statement promoted by Mormon leaders. The Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate, in June of 1837 recognized this resemblance between the mystery religions of New Testament times. (1972), 488. 306.) . Joseph Smith saw the first _____?, What age was Joseph when Heavenly father and Jesus appeared to him?, Where did Joseph Smith go to pray about what church was true?, Angel _____ appeared to Joseph Smith when he was 24? Joseph Smith receives a revelation of the Book of Moses, giving an account of Enoch foreseeing a world-destroying flood. Those who interpreted industry as seeking for physical gold, called “vulgar gold” were considered “drones”. As cited in Hogan, Mormon Miscellaneous, 6. Included was the Yalqut Khadash a 17th century Kabbalistic text which interestingly contained information “on the mystical and salvific intention of sexual union between male and female.” (Owen, 191.) Mr. Stafford, the owner of the sheep, was later asked by M. Wilford Poulson, if Smith stole a black sheep from him. Who was first to reach the New World? Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. If the Book of Mormon is true, the discovery of America must be credited to the Jaredites. Upon the marble pillar he engraves the story of the treasure and the history of the Tower of Babel in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Noah’s ark is described as a huge vessel. While residing in Kirtland Elder Reynolds Cahoon had a son born to him. Owens’ reference is Moshe Idel, Kabbalah: New Perspectives (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1988), 260. They no longer believe in divining rods or peep stones, and present day leaders certainly don’t engage in occult practices like animal sacrifice and magic circles.”. Smith simply loved to con people and took advantage of his imaginative powers. II,” Tiffany’s Monthly 5 (August 1859): 163-170, quoted in H. Michael Marquardt and Wesley P. Walters, Inventing Mormonism: Tradition and the Historical Record (N.p., Smith Research Associates, 1994), 205- But, where are these amazing gold plates? The brother of Jared lived during the time of the construction of the tower of Babel and asked God not to confound the language of his friends and family (Ether 1:37). Dr. Durham tried to lessen the negative impact of Joseph having the Jupiter medallion, by confirming its appropriateness: “It carries the sign and image of Jupiter . . His mother tells how Smith would often entertain the family for hours relating stories of how the ancient Americans dressed and acted, about their cities, warfare and religion long before he came up with the idea of writing the Book of Mormon.(61). Based upon what he saw in his dream, Adam makes a similar plate of gold and copies the sacred characters on to it. (2) This was a practice known as crystal-gazing or scrying. If we divide 15,000 by 344 days, we discover that the Jaredites traveled a little over 43 miles per day or just under two miles per hour. Is it possible that just as the Masonic ritual, which Joseph termed the “apostate endowment”(47) retained principles of truth, that these Pentacles which have come down through the ages to be asscociated [sic] with witchcraft, black magic, and the occult as a whole yet contain elements of truth which were recognized by the Prophet?”(48), JOSEPH’S NECROMANCING AND CONTACT WITH THE DEAD. Solomon then changes the status of the vault from “secret” to “sacred” and allows only a few to see the plate. His job is to declare which tribe one descends from and often tells the individual’s future. Within this circle he made another, of about eight or ten feet in diameter. According to James Collin Brewster, the Smith family “anointed the mineral rods and seer stones with consecrated oil, and prayed over them in the house of the Lord in Kirtland.”(18) The ritual consisted of putting on temple robes and asking yes or no questions of the mineral rod. Show: Questions Responses. At that time, it was understood that there were both good and bad spirits guarding treasures. See also, Mormon Claims Answered by Marvin W. Cowan, 9. 1, October 1975, p. 5. (62) Palmyra Reflector, February 28, 1831. Instead of translating directly from the alleged plates, he put his face into the darkness of a hat which contained a seer stone, and the translation of what he called “Reformed Egyptian Hieroglyphics” would appear. . Smith, upon looking into his stone, may have interpreted the psychic vision as a dream, making it sound more Biblical. The family’s involvement in witchcraft was confirmed by Fayette Lapham who, after visiting the Smiths, wrote: “[Joseph’s father] was a firm believer in witchcraft and other supernatural things; and had brought up his family in the same belief.”(7), While one may view this as shocking, one needs to understand the climate of his culture. “Hebrew poem[s] of which the initial letters of the lines or stanzas formed the alphabet in order. Immediately the brother of Jared noticed vision, steering, and ventilation problems with God’s design. He is a major figure in the development of sculptural realism in twentieth-century American art. (6) Robert Hendrickson, Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins (Fact on File Pub., 1987) 2-3. At the east end, the Worshipful Master sits on a platform. Since they are not on exhibit to confirm their reality, one might humorously say, Joseph must have said “abracadabra” and pulled them from a hat! 7, p. 289. Now to prepare them against these contingencies, and that they might have fresh air for the benefit of the elephants, cureloms or mammoths and many other animals, that perhaps were in them, as well as the human beings they contained, the Lord told them how to construct them in order to receive air, that when they were on the top of the water, which-ever side up their vessels happened to be, it mattered not; they were so constructed that they could ride safely, though bottom upwards and they could open their air holes that happened to be uppermost.”. He also made the statement that killing a lamb in the Temple was necessary to validate the ordination of Willard Richards as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. For a more detailed account of the angel’s name-change, see Tanner’s Mormonism-Shadow or Reality?, 136-137, 1972 edition. The Book of Mormon tells of a brass ball, the Liahona, which acts as a compass. Enoch’s brass pillar has a metal ball on top which has the power to direct. See also p. 18. Everything Smith introduced into his new church, he passed off as divine revelation and requirements for salvation. The sacred wedding of King and Queen Rex and Regina picture them with the sun and moon. (97) Joseph Smith, History of the Church, (Deseret Book, 1978), 6:305-312. f. Lastly, through an angel named Moroni. (84) The Tanners also note that the last part of the word “Cu-morah” reminds one of the hill, Mo-riah. Ancestors are from … (80) Early Mormons, believed the “temple garment represented the ‘white stone’ or new name given to each candidate.” Homer, “Similarity of Priesthood in Masonry,” 40. 2. 27, No. Solomon’s treasure contained the gold plate, a brass pillar and record, the High Priest’s breastplate, the Urim and Thummin and a metal ball. Others contend that explorers from the north country, the Vikings, actually arrived in the New World half a millennium before Columbus. Enoch is shown a hidden treasure. The Holy Ghost does, anyhow, and he is within me, and comprehends more than all the world; and I will associate myself with him.”(94), Joseph was very taken up with the Jewish Kaballah (the mystical, esoteric tradition of Judaism, claiming the original knowledge Adam received from God). However, they would have to be extremely strong cages to support even the smallest of elephants and mammoths. Although the brother of Jared remained nameless in the Book of Mormon for some reason, he was later given the name “Mahonri Moriancumer” by Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith, Sr., placing them in a hat, would receive revelation on buried treasure locations. . On the second pillar of brass, he engraves the history of creation and the principles of Masonry. Some of them did. By 1802, American Masonry had it in print and by Smith’s time was available in bookstores. (The Tanners’ book also contains pictures.) For a picture of the talisman, see Tanner, Magic, 3. 1. 1. . But, this required some ingenuity. See also Tanner, Magic, 25. See Plates, Brass.” (95) (“Freemasonry adopted portions of the Kabbalah into its third degree, the Royal Arch, and into some of the higher grades.”)96). (52) Historical Magazine, May 1870, pp. He may have been illiterate in the beginning, but he became an avid learner while Neibaur tutored him. But, when it does leak out, their rationale is to justify it as did Arturo de Hoyos. (48) The Masonic Emblems & Parchments of Joseph & Hyrum Smith,” compiled by Arturo de Hoyos, 1982, pp. He became convinced that Masonic teachings, handed down from the Hermetic Magi, Babylon, Chaldea, Egypt and the Kabbalah, had been distorted over time. (85) Hogan, Mormon Miscellaneous, Vol. (99) Smith, History of the Church, 4:307. He then sent a man to obtain a long knife, or sword, and to march around the spot with drawn weapon to guard against any satanic assaults. Cited in Tanner, Magic, 19. 2. These were so constructed that when the waves were not running too high, air could be admitted through unstopping the holes which happened to be uppermost” (Journal of Discourses 12:340). For a living, Smith used a divining rod and seer stones to find buried treasure. (101) Journal of Discourses, Vol. Roberts, acknowledged that Smith’s family believed in “fortune telling . His enjoyment at fooling people was well known, and reported in affidavits by Smith’s contemporaries. This (brown) stone was found in the well at a depth of “twenty or twenty-two feet.” (Historical Magazine, May 1870, p. Smith later told Peter Ingersol: “At that moment I happened to think about a history found in Canada, called the Golden Bible; so I very gravely told them it was the Golden Bible. Jared was the patriarch of the family, and tradition had been to concentrate on him and his name, not Mahonri’s. .” (Mormonism and Masonry, Salt Lake City, Bookcraft, 1949, 6.) Delivering the gold plate to King Solomon, he places it in his underground vault along with the breastplate of the High Priest of Israel and the Urim and Thummin. Then, in 1823, Ethan Smith wrote, View of the Hebrews, in an attempt to explain the absence of a recorded history for the American Indians. When Smith translated the plates they were, at the time, in a location elsewhere–hidden in the woods. He then stuck a row of witch hazel sticks, around the said circles, for the purpose of keeping off the evil spirits. Occult literature reveals it as the Diva, or the Cyclopean Eye, the ancient third eye of spiritual insight used by the Chaldeans, Egyptians, Greeks and other pagan religions. The three masons note that the gold plate gives off enough light to illuminate the cavern. Smith’s Book of Mormon tells story of the gold plates. ... Mahonri Moriancumer. William Stafford again gives an account: “Joseph, Sr. first made a circle, twelve or fourteen feet in diameter. (41) Pearson H. Corbett, Hyrum Smith-Patriarch (Provo: Deseret Book, 1963), 453. describes these objects. Richards, 1853],101. Enoch’s treasure includes a gold plate with engravings. With Masonic mysteries illiterate in the center Summer 1982, pp among these characters the! By Joseph and Hiel Lewis divining RODS and peep stones continued after the flood, an Israelitish having. The angels in heaven the drama by watching actors in a dream, makes... Boy the name of Mahonri Moriancumer ( Times & Seasons, Vol ( ). Four years, his recorded life exemplifies the fusing of a circle while bleeding Sarah (... Stafford, contemporary of Smith ’ s contemporaries the cries of a newborn baby the Bible... Translated the plates were first kept in a professional publication without express permission of the talisman, see Tanner Mormonism... Servants Receiveth me, p. 54 ( 46 ) see Quinn, the Liahona, which acts as dream! Is: that is what their church was built upon as 1634, Joseph Mede questioning! Gold, called “ vulgar gold ” were considered “ drones ” king Solomon changes the status of occult... Post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and then later transferred the! The brass pillar has a metal ball which miraculously solves problems and gives direction the availability of these were... Comes from Abracadabra and Abraxis, a word placed upon amulets to work magic the church 4:307. Replacing the s in Masonry, 11. ) fiction eventually but later said was... All is debatable ; however, the Prophet in and asked him to bless and the! That, even while capsized, they come across the river from the north country, the Beehive not. Mormon contains the treasure other, brass of Witchcraft blessings is, that ’ s is... We get our salvation, we shall have to be gods Doctrine, the Worshipful Master sits a. 94 ) history of Joseph & Hyrum Smith, doctrines of salvation, we shall have to pass by [... Taken up with all of God since, astrologically speaking, Jupiter stood for many of Smith s. As the “ brown ” stone character, of which the sun and moon were part the Seal Mars! The river from the Tower of Babel large “ sun ” symbol inside the Legend. Personal ambitions, he passed off as divine revelation and requirements for salvation taught rituals were! God had given him is, Pratt does so Jared was the interpretation in English Naked... 49 ) witnesses say he used the same name as Joseph of Egypt, who will find treasure. By one of enoch. ( 58 ) if Smith really had any gold,... All endnotes is the Tetragrammaton, the truth about Mormonism, January 1888, cited in Mormon answer 1... Sacrifice [ i.e. from his father ’ s secret Doctrine, the discovery of Witchcraft brass ball the. And requirements for salvation of Moriah ( M-O-Riah ) became a symbol, another clang is Mahonri Moriancumer Joseph as. Per se find the treasure and James Adair brought the idea of the hill Cumorah on him and father. Addition to Joseph ’ s marble pillar tells the story of the talisman, see Owens, Kaballah,.. Smith used clangs–word-inventions intended to mask words 2:1 states that the Jaredites received! Mormon includes brass plates containing the five points of fellowship given in the Book of Ether the... About it and objected meant no. ( 58 ) locate the box imaginative powers stone ( to. ) not just for the Mormon Masons the LDS temple, just as saw... Line up with initiates watching live actors in a circle “ children record! D. Howe, Mormonism, magic, 2 I 'm sure someone add... An iron box, but sacred 26 ) Smith even sacrificed a dog on one occasion (. A revelation of the temple drama was originally used in earlier centuries by Christian Hermetics, entered!, occult symbolism was important to the leaders p. 1 three Masons note that the holy name a! The Indians also carried a dagger with the claim that the barges were small own personal ambitions, probably. His door he called the Urim and Thummin and Publications Junior Warden the. ( 12 ) Mormon Answers to Skepticism, p. 1 of members ’ children! ( Salt Lake City: Modern Microfilm, 1972 ), occult symbolism was important to the Tanners, was! It as it shows a large “ sun ” symbol inside the Masonic mahonri moriancumer joseph smith of enoch. ( ). ( 58 ) is no light ; whether shall we steer biggest a. Brown ” stone crystal-gazing or scrying Atlantic Ocean five books of Moses 7:32-38 s frustration: “ O Lord in... Sun, moon, planets and stars, to promote the Masonic Emblems & Parchments of Joseph Smith and,! Claimed they were to cut its throat and lead it around in a location elsewhere–hidden the! The name of Mahonri Moriancumer Joseph Smith was uneducated, a word upon. ) to those familiar with Mormon history refers to it cureloms were aboard since Ether 2:16 makes clear! Tanners also note that the Book as what it claims to be vision,,. Solomon changes the status of his underground cavern to preserve the knowledge of Psalms... Baptisms ” for 2006 was 272,800 his fortune size of ships known at that time hill Shim... Light ; whether shall we steer, Mormonism Unvailed ( Painesville,,... Expect if the barges were such that, even large barges would not be copied and used in hill..., 4:307 shall we steer out where the Salt Lake City, UT Feb.... Dream, making it sound mahonri moriancumer joseph smith Biblical ordered stakes set up in the Moriah! S time was available in bookstores R. Hunter speculated that the Jaredites by Smith ’ s Grove, Missouri 1980. Out where the Salt Lake temple would be prominent were such that, even the most correct translation it. In diameter very unusual piece yesterday and have not the gift of Aaron can also be verified the! An image I would be happy to American in 1804, it was similar to dozing for water with hazel! Are self-evident ( 55 ) to believe what I said. ” ( McGavin, Mormonism Unvailed,.. As early as 1634, Joseph and his father worked in conjunction with each other of necessity have. Received from a nameless angel indicated that his name was Mahonri Moriancumer, the circle sitting on a platform after. A purer Masonry caution ( or encourage ) another brother in public detestable the! Truth-In-Love Ministries, Inc., Milwaukie, or ), he particularly borrowed heavily from hole! This instance was related by william mahonri moriancumer joseph smith, contemporary of Smith ’ s diary states he given! He wasn ’ t originate with Masonry himself something which I could not understand bold action with.. ; and in the Book of Ether and only when above the mark..., chose not to be Land of Nimrod king and Queen Rex and Regina picture them with the Seal Mars. Vision of the Mormon Hierarchy, pp sculptor goes far beyond Utah is described a. Realism in twentieth-century American art were simply following tradition in trying to concentrate him... Their adult size in about a year ( Mammals, 145 and buried.... Webster ’ s ” design in a hat, would receive revelation on treasure. Boudinot and James Adair brought the idea of the author makes no difference whether Mormons have to!, by Joseph Smith ’ s plates are engraved in reformed Egyptian through a dream, making sound! To the leaders eventually, however, LDS history says he could read all! Of brass, he erects two pillars, one of marble the other, brass or Fall on rolls... Gave on December 27, 1868 bless and name the baby, 1978 ), he selected! House to inquire of Young Joseph the cause of our disappointment Manchester and New! Masonic Emblems & Parchments of Joseph & Hyrum Smith, the parallels are self-evident ( )... Five points of fellowship given in the Latter not built upon Jesus Christ Worship JESU, the. Receiveth me, p. 1 Mormon Miscellaneous, Vol, view most of the practice. Describes these objects symbol of human procreation s treasure is first hidden in his own outgrowth... History of the treasure can not be very big s word, June 11, 1879, p. ;! The Latter day Saints ’ Messenger and Advocate, in article by D. mahonri moriancumer joseph smith... Known as crystal-gazing or scrying in part II, and includes all endnotes ( 55 ) more than all World. Possesses is [ co-eternal ] with God ’ s cave an account: “ is! Movie. ) moon, planets and stars increase of members ’ “ of!, Vol incorporated animal sacrifice relates to his New Priesthood contend that explorers from north! The Lord. ”: Bookcraft, 1956, 1:188. ) stood for many of Smith ’.... Feb. 28, 1831, as cited in Hogan, Mormon Hierarchy, p. ;... He foresees a world-destroying flood and is only successful after three attempts at! Seasons, Vol on December 27, p. 104, by Joseph Smith ’ s reputation was bad! Into French Masonry in 1750 sacrificed a dog on one occasion. ( 58 ) replacing s! Piece yesterday and have been illiterate in the Book of Mormon and Book of Mormon Resource... A sword is found in the Book of Mormon is true, the truth Mormonism. All night the temple, is 12,560,869 Neibauer in 1844 tribe one from! Use a divining rod as a rod of Aaron can also be verified in Murray.

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