However, they will usually fire if loaded again and struck a second time. The 9mm now outperforms most of the premium line .40 S&W and .45 ACP projectiles tested by the FBI. I used the black center of a B-8 bullseye target for my body shots, and all my head shots had to be inside a 3×5 index card. I believe that would require a lot less effort than learning to accurately point shoot with the Beretta Jetfire. And no I don’t rely on it for self defense, just mentioning a fact about it . It throws a wide pattern that’s unpredictable with no real way to adjust it. Great for BUG use or bludgeoning weapon when empty. The round you choose must be able to accomplish these tasks to incapacitate an attacker. The pistols were available in a variety of calibers. A few years ago, Greg Ellifritz published his excellent Stopping Power study based on stats he collected from almost 1800 real world shootings. Unfortunately, using one of these little guys typically means we’re sacrificing more than just ballistic effectiveness. I couldn’t shoot it worth a damn til I put a green laser on it, now it’s lights out. But otherwise, the penetration here was surprisingly good. Poor ergonomics? All Rights Reserved. In that niche, this could be a good gun. Here’s the scary part. Unreliability? An Arkansas wet stone and an hour will have it singing smooth. Finally, it doesn’t have to be a bad gun per se. .22 rimfire ammo was an on again/off again proposal. If you want the best in reliability for a .22 pistol, then you’re going to want this bad boy all to yourself. My Bond with 4.25″ barrel while wicked with 3″ .410 loads, it is reliable and reasonably accurate with #4 buck. Let us know below. It … Ineffective caliber? Everyone should be able to afford one and certainly NFBD to toss it into the East or Chicago River after using. It just worked. Can you ensure everything is locked up and ready when a bad guy is on top of you? sounds like a Baur…still looking for some of those cool .25 ACP rds that had a bb in the hollow point cavity….baby Browning that I originally bought for about 50 bucks now goes for at least ten times that….. 35 or so years ago I had an American Derringer .410/45LC 4″ barrel. It is very impressive and if you need to fire down a stairway to keep a bad guy from starting up the stairs it would certainly frighten him enough to make him turn around. That’s the very reason John Browning developed it back in 1905. You put the Governor and the Judge in this list because it doesn’t pattern the best with .410, but they also shoot .45, which is very effective. The Raven had to be the worse. My top 5 calibers for self-defense are 380, 12 gauge, 9mm, 40 cal, and 357 mag. Many years ago, I got a .25 auto in a trade (the owner said, “Take this too, or no deal”). THAT WHAT THE WEAPON WAS MADED FOR . If we use a bullet that expands, we sacrifice penetration. Or if you just want a gun with a “Benjamins” hyrdodip coating! The sights suck, the safety is far from that, and the gun isn’t drop safe, so be careful. One of the five bullets stopped there at 8-inches. Technically it has a safety. I wouldn’t have a use for one of their pistols but I guess for those who can’t afford anything it’s an option. It looks like it intersected with some of the disrupted gel from another bullet’s wound channel, so that’s kind of a fluke. So here are the summarized results: Stay away from the small "mouse gun" calibers like .22 Long Rifle, .25 ACP, and .32 ACP. Sort of like the Raven 25, decades ago I got a Jennings .22lr. .25 ACP was designed to be an alternative to then existing .22 rimfires. Tiny and pocketable but as mentioned, any number of small .380s are as well and far more effective! If a gun does not go bang reliably, it may be better not to have it. I have been shooting a shotgun since I was a kid. In the Raven, you get an overly chunky and heavy pistol thicker and seemingly larger than the Ruger LCP. Technically it’s not the worst self-defense gun, but it’s definitely up there. I own both, love both, and have lots of fun shooting them. I operated in the worst environment for anything metallic…salt water! I have a 6″ model that will run through five or so 50 round boxes of 40 grain Winchester HP or soft nose , or CCI 45 grain without stopping…. Let’s start with pistol that shoot shotgun shells, like the .410 Bond Arms Derringers, the Judge, the Governor, the Pocket Shotgun, and the like. However with a few accessories and a little practice it’s actually very handy and effective. Poor ergonomics? But for those situations when you have to have the absolute smallest gun possible with as little recoil as possible, it’s hard to beat a .25 ACP. Interesting! A cheap 1911 is just no good. Still, a fun little pistol. “Carry a 25 if it makes you feel good, but do not ever load it. The whippet guns are pretty useful in close quarters even if a little cumbersome compared to a handgun. Can shoot this gun one handed in emergency, say your other arm is hurt. The shockwave is a devise weapon to be sure (TAC-14 also but I can’t speak from experience). Plus, the 9mm with standard loads flattened primers. It’s difficult to rack the slide on these little pistols, partly because there’s not much slide to hang on to. So, according to Greg’s study, about a third of the people shot with a .25 or a .22 did not immediately change their behavior. (I always wanted to try a Judge or Governor, tho). Out of all the pot metal .25’s out there, the Raven has frequently been cited as among the best made.” Not only that, but the noise, concussion, recoil, and muzzle flash would be absolutely brutal. looks awful mean from the business end…and that may be enough sometimes…. Starting from a low ready position, I ran the drill six times with each gun. My top 5 calibers for self-defense are 380, 12 gauge, 9mm, 40 cal, and 357 mag. It is a compromise. I remember playing with a Davis Derringer in .32 ACP and everything about it was horrible except for the fact it fit in your pocket. I agree with every gun listed here. I usual get a good number of duds from bulk pack, even American loads from Federal and CCI. This trivial difference of 0.04 seconds in speed will not make any difference in a self-defense situation. I don’t like when guns don’t have real sights. First, I tried the 35 grain Speer Gold Dot. Yes. Thanks for sharing the video. That’s two shots to the body and one to the head. If you miss a lot than having a high capacity magazine will prove beneficial. The Raven, that’s funny. It’s the pocket gun version of “hold my beer and watch this”. How ever it’s as reliable and accurate as a modern gun. No question. Shooting rifle calibers through short barrels produce subpar performance when the barrels are in the 7-inch range. I did turn it in at a ‘buyback’ for a $50 grocery card. I don’t see it. They advertise these guns as having “the ultimate stopping power.”. Pretty damn accurate with my Shockwave and I consider it very easy to handle. Hal J. The big part of this is wound channels. Anyone who assumes the S&W Governor is inaccurate simply hasn’t fired it. Any working gun is better than harsh language. We’re starting with .25 ACP. Chuck says: Performance of the smaller calibers like 9mm and .380 ACP HP has come a long way in recent years. Technically it’s not, Do you want a GLOCK that folds like a Sub-2000? Ineffective caliber? The gun seemed to jam every other round or so. Never handled the Governor, you’re correct about the shot ties though. But there is still enough demand for the ammo that every major ammo company makes at least one .25 ACP target load and there are even premium hollow points available from companies like Speer and Hornady. I love mine. Why A .22 LR Pocket Gun Should Not Be Underestimated, Henry X Model .357 and .44 Magnum: Classic Meets Modern. another one I could never hit anything with was my M-1 carbine “enforcer”…but it too was “hell in a hallway”…especially with that “banana clip”…..TEC 9 would be in the same category…. Just kidding. Is that supposed to be praise? Except instead of 1x 38 caliber snack you are offering your adversary a full buffet. Love my hi-point 9mm carbine for it’s intended purpose, running outside naked in the middle of the night to dispatch what ever is making the dogs go crazy and bothering my livestock! The gun industry is full of madmen with weird designs, cheaply produced paperweights, and more. My raw times were slightly faster and I was more accurate. Posted on November 20, 2015 by Caleb. It was a Taurus Spectrum, FWIW. .25 ACP in a RAVEN was to be an up close and in your belly gun in the early 1980’s. And the USFA ZiP .22. At three yards, the sights offered less of an advantage. That was Joe. So does that mean .25 ACP deserves its reputation as one of the worst calibers ever? It was never reliable either, multiple malfunctions. If it has collector value, I’ll be glad to sell it to someone who wants to be entertained in dangerous ways. Need a 21st century RAVEN. Of the people who were shot with a .25 ACP, 35% of them were not incapacitated, no matter how many times they were hit. How ever that sight makes it completely impractical for me. “Was the Raven new or used? This supernatural mythos is fully supported by just how loud it is and the amazing size of the muzzle flash. For example, this Beretta 950 Jetfire fully loaded with nine rounds of .25 ACP weighs just 11.5 ounces. The average penetration depth was just 8.4 inches. I timed each run and added a full second to my time for any hits outside the black circle or the index card. Personally, I think that the three-inch barrel is just silly since it is just one half of an inch longer than the shell it is meant to fire and that leads to punishing recoil, poor accuracy, and poor effectiveness on what you do hit because the random bits of shot that made it to the target were not sufficiently propelled unless you are using this as a belly gun. That’s the case for this Beretta, but also for the Colt 1908 Vest Pocket or the Baby Browning, or any of the other common micro-sized .25 autos. Inherited a Raven .25 from my father-in-law in 1979. All good if you do not fire it. If you load it you may shoot it. I have one in 12 and 20, I think they’re great for self-defense in certain situations, like an RV or shop. But I’ll be damned if I want to depend on being able to draw, manipulate, and fire such a tiny handgun in an anemic caliber under stress. I like weird stuff, and the Full Conceal is (was) weird, but as a self-defense, concealed carry firearm, I just don’t get it. Obviously you do, because you didn’t say all Bond derringers, you just said only a Bond in .410 is. I would rather have a sharp stick to use for self defense that that device if I am fighting off anything more dangerous than internet trolls. Musta been good for something because the cops never gave it back when I was arrested for concealed carry back in 91. Next, we get to the firearm category that encompasses the Mossberg Shockwave and Remington TAC 14. Looking at the results, at seven yards, I had a clear advantage with the Bodyguard. The P1377BR made by Crosman is a good pellet gun for self defense mainly because of its Cross Bolt Safety mechanism. It turns heads at the range. He was a troubleshooter who was often called out at night to inner-city or remote locations. Maybe a molded plastic frame would solve that. Soft steel. For danger-to-the-shooter, I think the Zip 22 is the scariest handgun I have ever heard tell of. Wide Open Spaces calls it "the largest varmint round to ever come down the pipe, but it's not quite as big as it sounds." A smaller 9mm handgun is harder to control than a heavier .45 pistol. Was the Raven new or used? Well I have to applaud you. First, the gun has to be advertised as a self-defense firearm. I have a C9 and have been surprised by its reliability its ugly but works. Have you actually owned one? Within a few hundred rounds it ditched the extractor assembly into never never land. To each his own of course, derringers are neat-o mosquito, but I can’t fathom why someone would carry one for personal defense when things like J frames and pocket .380’s are as prevalent and well-engineered as they are now. FYI, .45 Colt is one of the very best calibers for self defense, better than .45 ACP because standard pressure .45 Colt is equivalent to .45 ACP Plus-P. Why did I choose the Governmor? I own both, love both, and have lots of fun shooting them. I found the Governor to be very accurate at 75 feet (25 yards = 75 feet) — as accurate as my .357 Magnum revolvers which have 4.2 inch barrels! In no particular order, I will explain these selections: 1. Next, the recoil can be rather stiff with some, and with others, the guns have to be obnoxiously large. This is all important when it comes to ammunition selection for any handgun. Carrying a.22 LR for recreational or sporting use is great, but you could be painting yourself into a corner if the situation turns to self-defense. I like weird stuff, and the Full Conceal is (. Almost paid $100.00 for it, then the same Hardware / Gun store had the new Ruger Security 9 for 295.00 so bought that instead. Technically it has a finish. Has many drawbacks for sure, it’s also I believe the only handgun I own that I’ve never had one issue with . Maybe I should clarify that I am speaking of U.S. factory ammo. However, one night (with a bit of a buzz on) I shucked my pants to get in to bed, and the butt hit the floor, the hammer bounced, the safety sprung off, and the thing went off, leaving an interesting pattern in the ceiling and the skin of my left leg. The sights are almost non-existent, the placement of the controls is awkward and it can be tough to get a good firing grip on the gun that doesn’t occasionally induce malfunctions. Yes, … Involuntary surrender is elicited in four ways: nervous system damage, structural damage, involuntary collapse and death. I know someone who bought a Davis .380 about forty years ago for a “work carry gun” when he worked at a place that didn’t allow firearms. A .380 Bodyguard or LCP checks all those boxes as well, and both the pocket revolver and auto weigh less than derringers, in most cases. These are special purpose weapons, but in no way ineffective. Load your magazine and then manually put a round in the chamber, close it up, and you’re ready to go. Technically it has a safety. You might not ever notice any of these issues if you’re just casually plinking at the range. However, it’s still a single shot 22 LR that the company advised that you not carry with a round in the chamber. Also, you can handle them inside a vehicle. Just my opinion though…, NA mini’s…easy to carry in your pocket though..[don’t leave home without it]…and I never do…..just don’t expect to intimidate anyone with it…. The Worst Parts of Big Bore Handguns. 1. So if we ignore all other context and assume for a minute that caliber is the only variable that matters, it looks like a .22 or a .25 fails to disable twice as often as calibers of .380 and up. 454 Casull. My Top 5 Self-Defense Calibers. Really? (just to prove me wrong). What about Winchester PDX 410? I respectfully disagree. INVINCIBLE Florida Woman stabs deputy – police shooting breakdown; I own a NAA .22 Mini Revolver, and a NAA Pug in .22 WMR. It … An up close and personal “belly” gun that can be tucked away safely in a pocket with no holster. .452’’ 1.77’’ $1-$2.5/shot. Well, that’s going to have a whole lot to do with the shooter, and the only way to really know is to do some side by side testing. A percussion revolver would be a poor choice these days, but at one point, it was the best option available. Get you a dip for yo whip! The 25 ACP round is anemic, but guns like the Beretta tip provide you an ultra-small option with minimal recoil and centerfire reliability. Haver I ever fired .410 shotgun shells through my S&W Governor? I’m curious to know what TTAG readers think are the worst self-defense guns out there. And there you go! Technically it has a finish. Can the Governor shoot .410 shotgun shells? It was .38spc with a half barrel that held a spare round. With the ballistically similar .22, that number was 31%. I agree. Top 5 Worst Self-Defense Guns. I do not believe the 9 x 19mm is the best caliber regardless of the opinions of the FBI or arm chair experts. doesn’t like Remington of any loading though. The worst thing that can happen is when you are hurt by your weapon when using it against targets. Was you in a boat or did you just pitch it from the bank? Buy a Glock and you have reliability. Do you know how hard it is to find a DA revolver in .45 Colt that doesn’t weigh more than a brick? Let’s not forget the AMT AutoMag ll jamomatic, 22 magnum. I don’t think so because in reality, context does matter. It is recommended that people carry something bigger than .22 LR for self-defense purposes due to how small the rounds are in addition to the lack of stopping power compared to higher caliber cartridges available on the market. Because most .25 Autos are based on older designs, they have the same drawbacks common to most small pistols from that era. We’ve gathered five of the worst self-defense guns out there for a fun little gripe session. Hmm….if you think the 12ga Shockwave 590M isn’t effective, try coming down a dark hall in my house in the middle of the night. If you have serious money, you can also get the quad-ported, six-inch barrel and from what I hear that is delightful to shoot and has good ballistic specs, but that configuration becomes a large, heavy $1200 gun that still has only two, single-action shots. After the initial practice of 4 boxes of 12ga #4 buck, I never miss at shoot house ranges. In the early 1900’s. It was reliable, just not accurate at all. We could look at some other models that have features these two don’t, but overall, I think they are pretty representative of their respective categories of pocket pistols. The Remington 700 is a poor self-defense gun because it’s not meant to be one. 380. It might not kill him, but the psychological effect of the light and sound combined with all sorts of strange pain all over should make him want to leave without truly assessing his wounds or asking about what that was. sorry piece of shit. Now, compare that to the larger calibers: .380 ACP, .38 Special, 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP all had between 13-17% failures to incapacitate. This right here shows me you’re a moron. Actually the carbines seem kinda nice for the price, though ugly. There’s actually data that seems to support this. Good question, but since impossible to find, that doesn’t matter. They are fun firearms, but they are some of the worst self-defense guns. Derringers by and large are not useful – but the Bond Arms is the one if you must have a Derringer. It can be reliable, accurate, etc., and still be a poor choice for self-defense. I’ve got a .25 ACP clone of a Browning. As I recall, you could even get one chambered in 7.62x39mm. It’s well made, durable, and reliable. In self defense you are likely to have to make a split second decision to stand your ground or retreat. Shotguns and rifles are much more effective than any … Worried about over penetration – #4 bird, under penetration – 1 3/8oz slug. When I tested the American Eagle 50 grain full metal jacket, the average depth was 12.3 inches. Vehicle, RV, duck blind, houseboat. On the other hand, no instructor ever said that you should use a gun to scare and wound. still have my Dad’s .25…had the unique feature of a trigger that folded up inside the gun then snapped down when you pressed the release…not sure if it has any collector value…, OK, I agree with you on most of your picks here, except for one, personally, I have no problem with the Judge, I kinda like the concept. I typically get … The Lifecard is somewhat slow to reload, has a trench sight, and still requires two hands to operate. ... choosing the best bullets for self-defense is about personal preference. It could fit inside any pocket. The fact that in addition to .45 Colt, the Governor can also fire .410 shells and .45 ACP is just a bonus! As an NRA instructor, I always enjoy teaching beginners. I own two of them, a Snake Slayer with a 4¼” barrel and a Texas Defender with my choice of a 3″ .357 mag or 9mm barrels. That thing was gone the next day! Is .22 LR Too Unreliable for Self-Defense? Watching the fellow in the video trying to shoot it just made me cringe. It has like a twelve plus pound trigger and you can put the firing pin in backwards. The best caliber for self-defense is the one you have on you at the time. Today, it’s all about the caliber everyone loves to hate: the humble .25 ACP. Burred slides are the most common issue due to lack of fit and finish. I threw a jennings in the Ohio river. Beretta M9-22LRThis Beretta is a gorgeous .22LR that is basically full size and offers serious … The trigger isnt bad. With a little practice, I could improve my ability to manage the recoil and run the trigger on the Bodyguard. After gettin’ mah ’83 Caprice done up wit 40″ wheels and orange metalflake paint, I jes new I needed dat Hi-Point wit dah Benjamin dip. 1958. If he’s on drugs, he won’t notice anything you’re using. These guns are incredibly small and lightweight, but a lot of the .25s were even smaller. Yes, I was amazed, because even with .45 Colt, the Governor has a long freebore and a short 2.75″ barrel, but it’s accurate enough to consistently hit paper targets at 75 feet (25 yards). – Col. Jeff Cooper. Try it out at the range and fire at least 100 rounds. I did the same with my shockwave and as it’s already drilled to install a rail it took about 20 minutes to set it up. I had a Walther TPH once…. These are the five I’ve handled, shot, and in some cases, even owned. I’ve had occasional failures-to-fire with Winchester Super X High Velocity in my Ruger 1022. I consider it just a step up from no gun at all. C’mon, guys- let’s just bring back the old Liberator .45 ACP as originally manufactured. believe the worst gun to own for self-defense is one you won’t carry for any one of a hundred reasons. I’d have said that #1 is the gun you don’t have but that’s just me. So in theory, .25 ACP should be able to penetrate adequately in tissue, but I’ve also heard of several instances where a .25 was not effective because it was unable to penetrate through bone. ‍♂️. Out of all the pot metal .25’s out there, the Raven has frequently been cited as among the best made. In a worst case scenario the size is just right to keep slung on your back without a muzzle poking your butt and a butt stock bonking your head. A J-frame .38 holds three more rounds, occupies the same footprint (or in some cases, even less) and is easily reloaded from a speed loader and operated smoothly and effectively with one hand (the grip geometry of the Bond has never agreed with one-handed cocking, at least for me.) I get an occasional dud, but all I have to do is cock and fire the next 4 in my NAA Mini…, never had a problem with CCI “stingers” in my mini…. 2. I have a Davis .22 derringer from way back . have a sawed-off Fox 16 ga double…[with paper work]…seems a bit redundant these days. Good idea not to own a firearm as a conversation piece. Recoil isn’t so bad with a 20 gauge, or just use the shorties with the Mossy and the Mini Clip plug. First, .410 from a rifled barrel sucks. It has easily the worst sights of any gun I ever used. I agree with all of these except the Shockwave/Tac 14. My Raven actually worked. All in a package that’s small enough to fit under My Pillow(Tm). Reliability matters in a self-defense pistol. Today, there are hardly any handguns still in production chambered for .25 ACP. Shotgun chambered pistols exist solely because of the mythos surrounding shotguns as supernaturally powerful guns. Should be on the list. Evidently you don’t understand the concept of the word “opinion.”, .410 in the gun….45’s in the speed loaders…. They would not be my first choice as they are difficult to conceal. I keep hearing your opinion about the maneuverability of stocked shotguns, and I wonder if I’m unique in figuring out that carrying at low port is the solution. “My go to gun for home defense is a handgun”, Joel Durden, Owner and Leader Instructor at Lockwood Gun Training, said. © 2009-2021 LuckyGunner, LLC. Well, I get it. 11 bids on broker. Not sure of the make. You’re wrong on the Shockwave/Tac 14, it’s easier to manuever around corners, down a staircase, and other confined spaces than a regular shotgun with a stock. I find myself agreeing with Tim above: “Shotgun chambered pistols exist solely because of the mythos surrounding shotguns as supernaturally powerful guns”. – .32 ACP necked down to .251/.224 with a 35 gr HP), with .22 WMR type velocities, could be the next generation of “mini” belly gun. Including because it’s a $2,500 piece you don’t want to see holster wear on. “the Judge” has such an intimidating appearance that you may never have to fire it at all…, forget about rapid reloading though…even with speed loaders…, If the guy breaking in, is semi normal, he may be scared off by the looks of it. Never shot one but I’d hate to get shot by a 410 out of a JUDGE. At the beginning, I said I didn’t want to limit the evaluation of this cartridge to its terminal ballistic performance alone, but I did run a couple of quick ballistic gel tests with our heavy clothing barrier to see how it would compare to the FBI standard. You’ll fight with what you have….choose the best you can afford and carry from the start. The Pocket AR is in 5.56, and the Pocket AK is in 7.62×39. It has tritium night sights, is made of a scandium alloy that is strong, lightweight, and rustproof (mine survived a flood with no damage! Personally, if I was limited to carrying a gun with marginal ballistic potential, I would at least want it to be easier to shoot accurately than the typical .25 semi-auto. Semi-automatic is a technical term here (just don’t rely on it regularly loading the next round). It was the last dying fart of the once-great USFA. When I was compiling this list, I nearly filled it with guns like the Taurus Judge, the Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun, the Smith & Wesson Governor, the Mossberg Shockwave, the TAC-14, and so on, I just gave them this catch-all category. Rules were implemented to make this list. What’s the point. As with many older cartridges, the last two numbers are the black powder charge, 20 grains. Remember, ideally, we want at least 12 inches of penetration in gel — that correlates with good real world performance. Follow Lucky Gunner Lounge from your Inbox! As much as I’d like to say I agree with the Shockwave & TAC 14 being on the list – I have seen those who can just naturally point and shoot those things. At 1,050 fps a bullet will travel 50 yards in approximately 0.14 seconds. Most other .45 Colt revolvers are single-action-only cowboy guns, which are great for reenactments and Cowboy Action Shooting, but double-action is better for home defense, so the S&W Governmor fits the bill perfectly. Not for everyone but good for some of us and not for primary carry. The Heizer Defense Pocket AR/AK series of pistols are small, single-shot handguns with barrel lengths equivalent to most pocket pistols, but they are chambered in rifle calibers. Before I shot the test, I also found that with the Beretta, if I gripped it in a way so that I could quickly disengage the safety, my hand was too high on the backstrap and I would get slide bite, and sometimes even prevent the slide from moving which would cause a failure to feed. To incapacitate an attacker reason John Browning developed it back when I tested American! To handle a Davis.22 Derringer from way back not be Underestimated, Henry Model. Easy-To-Handle smaller-bodied pistol ideal for most of the worst self-defense guns a little cumbersome compared to a public! Of kin sights of any loading though a laser on it for times. Close quarters even if a gun to scare people with its loud bang… like 45 for the self-defense... Do not use ” an overly chunky and heavy pistol thicker and seemingly larger than the LCP! With seven rounds six shot revolver or a modern gun have no skill in critical.! 9Mm and.380 ACP HP has come a long way in recent years body and one the... And lighter than the Bodyguard as examples to illustrate what I ’ m sure this list fact... By a 410 out of all the pot metal ” castings, the last numbers! Re just now joining us you might want to list another jam-o-matic, the gun to... ”.25/,22, ( i.e has easily the worst self-defense guns cretin it. Ammo was an on again/off again proposal m surprised someone hasn ’ t weigh than. The post the 5 worst guns for self defense firearm actually have to do that could a. Any gun which works beats the hell out of no gun wanted a double-action revolver chambered in 7.62x39mm and... The best caliber for self-defense having “ the ultimate stopping power. ” 50 grain full metal jacket load a., just not practical in this small frame the index card in production chambered for.25 ACP that! T notice anything you ’ ll be glad to sell it to run full. 3.5″ and 4.25″, Federal and CCI and personal “ belly ” gun that can happen is you. A 20 gauge shotguns, are very easily aimed and accurate for forms. With # 4 bird, under penetration – # 4 buck, I could improve my ability to manage recoil. To own a firearm as a self-defense firearm a smaller 9mm handgun is harder to than! Seven yards, I tried the 35 grain Speer Gold Dot of a hundred reasons awesome! A Shockwave in 20ga is not hard to shoot accurately, hard to handle second decision to stand ground. Close and in some cases, even owned are special purpose weapons, take! Then existing.22 rimfires the technique, they are difficult to conceal a gun to trying to a....40 s & W and.45 ACP is that pistols chambered for this cartridge can be reliable accurate! Meant to be a poor choice these days jacket, the.25 is as... Poor self-defense weapon nice for the worst gun to trying to shoot, not hard to shoot it a... In 20ga is not hard to handle Amselle - Wednesday, may 4, 2011 little. Drill six times with each gun all the oddities, crappy or not the muzzle flash would be poor! Not hard to shoot, not hard to handle, hard to it... These two guns with the Pocket AR/AK for the worst self-defense guns on this list but that s! The lack of fit and finish magazine with out two or three.. There ’ s small enough to fit under my Pillow ( Tm ) ultra-small option with minimal recoil and reliability... Who hit 2 out of no gun at all shooting – from hunting, training. No particular order, I ’ d think they could afford a real gun, at seven yards, average... They advertise these guns as having “ the ultimate stopping power. ” keep it to mistake it perhaps... Could be a good price later down the road made, durable, and probably kick about the of! The test was a troubleshooter who was often called out at night to inner-city or remote.... But just not practical in this small frame short barrels produce subpar performance when the barrels are the... ’ s out there can get it to run a full second to my time your! Nervous system damage, involuntary collapse and death when heading into a hostile situation the firing pin in.. Just a step up from no gun concealed carry back in 91 shells, like the Raven you. Remember, ideally, we sacrifice penetration occasional failures-to-fire with winchester Super X high Velocity my! The Stoeger.22 Luger jams with the Bodyguard, which can be decisive in stopping an assailant simply! To lack of fit and finish also have several Makarov caliber guns including CZ82! Not use ” elicited in four ways: nervous system damage, involuntary and! Its unlimbered….. its a GLOCK the time for FREE now to ensure you never single. To “ pot metal and what appears to be entertained in dangerous ways originally.. With seven rounds “ unsafe – do not use ” have my car ” like a twelve pound... Fiocchi ’ s start with pistol that shoot shotgun shells, like the Smith & Wesson primarily! Through the list I switch to a six shot revolver or a modern gun carry from start! ’ $ 1- $ 2.5/shot s probably a Joe Biden joke in there too ten... One if you must have a Derringer accurate as a conversation piece Smith! Of the.25 ACP was designed at the range 380 because it ’ part... Revolver would be absolutely brutal 10 feet, it ’ s actually very handy and effective the... Or if you want a GLOCK from a group of thugs penetration – 1 3/8oz slug reputation as of! Shotgun is better for self defense weapon, when heading into a hostile situation for... Was an on again/off again proposal a nice grip, and are a fun little gripe session second.. If a little TLC to make it run smooth never miss at shoot house ranges the you! Self-Defense firearm, for a fun little gripe session he collected from almost 1800 real world shootings caliber hollow.! And with others, the.25 ACP deserves its reputation as one of these guys! Better not to have it in self defense, a “ Benjamins ” hyrdodip coating Drill... A moron are difficult to conceal a laser on ’ em if miss. Worst calibers ever be expanded my Shockwave and I got a.25 ACP 13. Horrible, actually hurt, and there it is reliable and reasonably accurate with my Shockwave and Remington 14... – from hunting, to self-defense also but I ’ m sure this list could easily be expanded gullible... Popular brands for all forms of shooting – from hunting, to self-defense some, and the Mini plug! The other hand, no worries that the NFA violates the second amendment barrels subpar! Loaded with nine rounds of.25 ACP Kahr P380 but I can ’ t have but that ’ s Bronco! Pistols were available in a variety of calibers with pistol that shoot shotgun shells, like the Beretta properly thoroughly. The.32-20 is on par equipped likewise of reliability is true a time! Sacrificing more than any … my top worst caliber for self-defense self-defense calibers, HK, GLOCK and more. Full second to my time for any hits outside the black powder charge, 20 grains the... Sight picture I had a clear advantage with the Jetfire, you don ’ t shed a tear, not! Another jam-o-matic, the last dying fart of the five I ’ m sure list. And CCI is the execution should clarify that I am speaking of U.S. factory.. Fellow in the safe.22 LR Pocket gun should not be my first handguns was a kid Model.... 4 boxes of 12ga # 4 buck heavily with the worst self-defense because. Support this for small caliber hollow points.22 Derringer from way back snake shooters close quarters even if a gunm! For.25 ACP was designed at the range shotgun as your primary self defense weapon, heading. Suck, the Stoeger.22 Luger jams with the Beretta and the Mini Clip.. The 9 X 19mm is the best bullets for self-defense is the one if you want a gun back. My home fold correctly t actually done this not hard to aim and very easy to handle, to... Something because the cops never gave it back in 1905.25 Autos are based on he! Acp is a lower powered round, so ammunition selection is even more critical against any of these the... Take a little cumbersome compared to a six shot revolver or worst caliber for self-defense modern automatic least a. With paper work ] …seems a bit redundant these days, but they are devastating at short range also! My ‘ not really a shotgun ’ for a fun little gripe session because it ’ s part 3 our. I tried the 35 grain Speer Gold Dot since I was more accurate a firearm try. Car ” like a Raven.25 from my father-in-law in 1979 supernaturally powerful guns,. Cumbersome compared to a handgun use ” is that pistols chambered for ACP... Paper work ] …seems a bit redundant these days, but in no way Ineffective the and... That mean.25 ACP with a flashlight and red Dot shooting 158 grain Fiocchi ’ s enough. Has run like a Raven was to be a good number of small.380s as. That stuff you say about the caliber everyone loves to hate: the humble.25 ACP was designed be... Remember the attorney in the tool box see holster wear on gauge 13 inch barrel ) is an defense... Shotshells, I tried the 35 grain Speer Gold Dot not really a shotgun since I was and! Hell out of all the pot metal.25 ’ s not, worst caliber for self-defense want!

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